Picking Cash-Rich Stocks
Near Book Value

  • Finding low priced undervalued stocks with significant price appreciation potential.
  • Our service focuses on small caps with strong balance sheets (cash rich companies with no debt) to reduce overall risk.
  • Picking those stocks that are forming, or just breaking out of, various bottoming and breakout patterns such as:
  1. double bottoms
  2. inverted head & shoulders bottoming patterns
  3. bullish breakouts of long-term downtrend lines & moving averages

As well as cash-rich stocks early in new uptrends.

Stock Picks under $10 For 2018
  • All our stock picks are under $10 (with many under $5) and trade on the Nasdaq or NYSE.
  • Our picks have a very low average price-to-tangible book ratio of 1.5.
  • Aiming for large percentage gains with low price stocks.
  • Our totally independent stock picking service is in it's 17th year.